Welcome to IntelliTurf Connecticut!

Since 1998, IntelliTurf has been at the forefront of the artificial grass revolution that is sweeping across the United States. Dramatic advancements in artificial turf technology in recent years has dramatically widened the spectrum of artificial turf applications. IntelliTurf specializes in the professional design and installation for commercial and residential projects in Connecticut and the Greater New York City areas. Common applications include golf greens, playgrounds, sports surfaces, pets, and more. Our artificial turf products are unique in that they are 100% recyclable, maintenance free, and virtually indistinguishable from natural grass.

Technology on the Cutting Edge

IntelliTurf’s revolutionary 3D shape yarns reflect sunlight keeping the surface temperature 17 degrees cooler than other turf products.

Many turf companies claim to have recyclable products but the only way recycling really occurs at the end of the lifecycle is when the product is 100% 1-step recyclable. The non-woven fabric backing on IntelliTurf products allow for 1-step economically feasible recycling of the poly-olefin fabric. IntelliTurf products require no water!

‘Duraflow’ fabric backing eliminates the need for drainage systems and costly maintenance practices.

All IntelliTurf products are manufactured here in the USA.

Our Management Team

Matt Griffiths
Matt GriffithsPrincipal
Matt Griffiths currently serves as the Principal of IntelliTurf Connecticut. As a former college baseball player, and a baseball coach, Matt has had firsthand exposure to countless Artificial Turf applications over the years. Matt has developed an expertise in turf products, design, and installation practices. Matt has a passion for the industry and a desire to expand the use cases of Artificial Turf beyond what once was typical. Matt currently resides in New Canaan, CT with his wife, Julie, and three daughters, Emma, Reagan, and Quinn Lake.

E-mail: matt@intelliturf.com
Phone: (203) 957-3939

Stan Pennington
Stan PenningtonFounder, IntelliTurf Inc.
Following a passion for golf, Stan started a backyard golf green business that has now become an international synthetic grass distribution and installation firm. With a background in finance and now closing in on almost 2 decades of synthetic grass experience , the IntelliTurf business system boasts about many successes. Happy Clients, improved properties and a 100% success rate with helping start individuals in their own synthetic grass business are some of the accomplishments Stan has participated in over the years. A passion for golf now takes a backseat to his wife and two young children. They live in the beautiful lowcountry of South Carolina.

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